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Episode 100 LIVE

Episode 100 Live Show at Tip Top Bar & Grill with George Civeris, Anya Volz, Usama Siddiquee doing 5 minute sets about gender.

Episode 13 J.P. McDade

Episode 13 J.P. McDade (Comedy Central Roast Battle) tells Janet a joke that panders to women. Follow him on twitter @jp_mcdade and instagram @mcdadebaby.

Episode 6: Lucas Connolly

Episode 6 Lucas Connolly tells Janet a joke that went viral for being sexist and they have an in-depth discussion of big pussies. Follow him @lovablelucas on Twitter.

Episode 4: Khalid Rahmaan

Episode 4 Khalid Rahmaan (Brooklyn Comedy Festival) tells Janet a catcalling joke and pines for the good, old pre-internet days of picking up dates in public. Follow him @KhalidNYC on Twitter, @khalidsays on Instagram.

Episode 3: Andrew Casertano

Episode 3 Andrew Casertano (Animal Planet) tells Janet some of his bits about annoying wannabe moms on the subway and getting stuck in the friendzone. Follow him @andrewletsconnect.

Episode 1: Ethan Simmons Patterson

Episode 1: Ethan Simmons-Patterson tells Janet a story about seeing a woman get choked and sympathizing with her attacker.